Welcome to SCADash – the future of web-based Process Visualization, blending SCADA, HMI, and Dashboard functionalities. Dive into a world where creating sleek, custom designs for your machinery interfaces meets the convenience of real-time data display, all in one intuitive package.

Problem you might be facing

Lack of a simple data control and display system without the need to hire expensive software house.
Existing tools for creating control systems and displaying data are difficult to use.
Existing tools do not try to retrieve values from the equipment or machines that are intended to be used.

Capabilities of SCADash

Compatible on all modern web-browsers, both on desktop and mobile devices.
Secure SCADA application runs on the local network.
Get Online Access via industrial standard ZeroTier VPN.
Pre-installed in our EPITHOS' IIoT Gateways. no extra configuration needed. 

SCADash Devices

The PowSave Kit, ready for installation, includes quality IoT devices that meet international standards. It is easy to install and ready to use immediately. It also supports offline usage, processing through the IIoT Gateway directly, or online usage via the PowSave Dashboard.


EPG-001: Introducing the EPG-001 IIoT Gateway: Your central hub for seamless connectivity and communication across various devices and systems. Equipped with Node-RED and Web SCADA, it's the perfect solution for smart, efficient networking.

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EPG-002: Meet the EPG-002 IIoT Gateway: A powerhouse in facilitating connections and communications. This device comes loaded with Node-RED and enhanced support for RS-485 port connections, making it more versatile in device integration.

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Drag and Drop
There is a toolbar to choose from, convenient and easy to use, just drag and drop.
Web Browsers
Accessible through modern web-browsers, both on desktop and mobile devices.
PLC Compatibility
Supports various communication connections such as SiemensS7, OPCUA, ModbusRTU, ModbusTCP etc.
VPN Online Access
Get Online Access via industrial standard ZeroTier VPN. Remote access and control and security.


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