Power Monitoring


Enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of energy consumption in industrial settings. By measuring and analyzing "Power Data", businesses can identify energy inefficiencies, optimize usage, and reduce costs.

Problem you might be facing

Lack of power monitoring leads to unreliable information, hindering identification of areas for energy optimization.
Without monitoring, energy inefficiencies go unnoticed, resulting in higher expenses.
Equipment malfunctions go undetected, leading to unexpected breakdowns and higher maintenance costs.

Capabilities of PowSave

Track realtime top down data consumption of the entire facilities.
Access the overall accumulative data, projected power consumption according to current usage.
Irregularity or critical errors will notify the users via Email and Line Application.
All historical data log are securely stored and can be downloaded up to 365 days.

PowSave Kit

The PowSave Kit, ready for installation, includes quality IoT devices that meet international standards. It is easy to install and ready to use immediately. It also supports offline usage, processing through the IIoT Gateway directly, or online usage via the PowSave Dashboard.

Inquire about installing the PowSave Kit
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Power Consumption
Accurately identify any abnormal consumption, surges, shortages. Also identify possible bottleneck in production.
Prompt Machine Diagnosis
Over consumption of power is considered as sign of machine degradation, this allows you to take preemptive measure if needed.
Power Consumption
Grain users the insight to their monthly projected figure of Power Consumption. So you can plan your Monthly Overhead early on.
Power Short Circuit
Short circuiting mainly caused by the result of wattage overload. PowSave allows alert and notification to avoid this catastrophe.


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