OEE Monitoring


InSite is an OEE Solution, or a system for measuring the efficiency of internal industrial factory production lines. The OEE (%) value is considered a global standard used to measure productivity.

Problem you might be facing

The inability to access data on the work performance of the production line is due to the lack of a monitoring system.
The root cause of internal bottle-necking in the production line is unknown, which may lead to inefficiencies in time and personnel resources for the factory.
The inability to detect abnormalities in machinery and equipment results in machinery breakdowns, work stoppages, reduced production output, and increased maintenance costs.

Capabilities of InSite

Real-Time Tracking of OEE: InSite can monitor and track the OEE  in real-time. 
The system can calculate OEE with a high level of detail, considering various factors such as shift length, breaks, downtime, ideal cycle time, reject count, and total count.
InSite can detect and report on different statuses and abnormalities that may occur during production.
All historical data log are securely stored and can be downloaded up to 365 days.
Measure Production Efficiency
Analyze for internal factory improvement in detail, to optimize the utilization of working time for maximum production output.
Diagnosis of Machinery Condition
When the InSite system is installed & used to measure each machine in the production line, it allows for the immediate identification of bottlenecks causing problems
Production Line Flow Management
Plan the layout of the production line flow to maximize efficiency based on OEE data, which serves as a key element in making informed decisions.
Maintenance Planning
Plan maintenance and repairs based on OEE data to prevent potential decreases in machine efficiency due to prolonged usage.


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